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Example 7: Correlating two samples

You measured the strength of a spring at a breaking point based on the pressure at which it was produced. Your assumption is that breaking strength is correlated to pressure.
Question: Are the two variables linked/dependent?
Correlation entre deux variables

Which test do you choose?

Left hand table: Depending on the comparison to be carrid out This test does not appear in left hand table.
Right hand table: Depending on the types of variables Y is the result of the resistance measurement (quantitative) based on (X) a measure of production pressure (quantitative). The test you should choose is simple regression.
To analyze the data, enter the values by organizing them into two columns.

Result :

Resultat test statistique
Based on the regression test, the correlation between pressure and resistance is not significant. We can, therefore, not conclude that production pressure has an impact on a product's resistance.